Interface of Meta-RL ALgorithms.

class MetaRLAlgorithm

Bases:, abc.ABC

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Base class for Meta-RL Algorithms.

abstract get_exploration_policy()

Return a policy used before adaptation to a specific task.

Each time it is retrieved, this policy should only be evaluated in one task.


The policy used to obtain samples, which are later used for

meta-RL adaptation.

Return type


abstract adapt_policy(exploration_policy, exploration_episodes)

Produce a policy adapted for a task.

  • exploration_policy (Policy) – A policy which was returned from get_exploration_policy(), and which generated exploration_trajectories by interacting with an environment. The caller may not use this object after passing it into this method.

  • exploration_episodes (EpisodeBatch) – Episodes with which to adapt. These are generated by exploration_policy while exploring the environment.


A policy adapted to the task represented by the


Return type


abstract train(trainer)

Obtain samplers and start actual training for each epoch.


trainer (Trainer) – Trainer is passed to give algorithm the access to trainer.step_epochs(), which provides services such as snapshotting and sampler control.