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"""Linear Multi-Feature Baseline."""
import numpy as np

from import LinearFeatureBaseline

[docs]class LinearMultiFeatureBaseline(LinearFeatureBaseline): """A linear value function (baseline) based on features. Args: env_spec (garage.envs.env_spec.EnvSpec): Environment specification. reg_coeff (float): Regularization coefficient. features (list[str]): Name of features. name (str): Name of baseline. """ def __init__(self, env_spec, features=None, reg_coeff=1e-5, name='LinearMultiFeatureBaseline'): super().__init__(env_spec, reg_coeff, name) features = features or ['observations'] self._feature_names = features def _features(self, path): """Extract features from path. Args: path (list[dict]): Sample paths. Returns: numpy.ndarray: Extracted features. """ features = [ np.clip(path[feature_name], -10, 10) for feature_name in self._feature_names ] n = len(path['observations']) return np.concatenate(sum([[f, f**2] for f in features], []) + [np.ones((n, 1))], axis=1)