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"""Ornstein-Uhlenbeck exploration strategy.

Ornstein-Uhlenbeck exploration strategy comes from the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck
process. It is often used in DDPG algorithm because in continuous control task
it is better to have temporally correlated exploration to get smoother
transitions. And OU process is relatively smooth in time.
import numpy as np

from import ExplorationPolicy

[docs]class AddOrnsteinUhlenbeckNoise(ExplorationPolicy): r"""An exploration strategy based on the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process. The process is governed by the following stochastic differential equation. .. math:: dx_t = -\theta(\mu - x_t)dt + \sigma \sqrt{dt} \mathcal{N}(\mathbb{0}, \mathbb{1}) # noqa: E501 Args: env_spec (EnvSpec): Environment to explore. policy (garage.Policy): Policy to wrap. mu (float): :math:`\mu` parameter of this OU process. This is the drift component. sigma (float): :math:`\sigma > 0` parameter of this OU process. This is the coefficient for the Wiener process component. Must be greater than zero. theta (float): :math:`\theta > 0` parameter of this OU process. Must be greater than zero. dt (float): Time-step quantum :math:`dt > 0` of this OU process. Must be greater than zero. x0 (float): Initial state :math:`x_0` of this OU process. """ def __init__(self, env_spec, policy, *, mu=0, sigma=0.3, theta=0.15, dt=1e-2, x0=None): super().__init__(policy) self._env_spec = env_spec self._action_space = env_spec.action_space self._action_dim = self._action_space.flat_dim self._mu = mu self._sigma = sigma self._theta = theta self._dt = dt self._x0 = x0 if x0 is not None else self._mu * np.zeros( self._action_dim) self._state = self._x0 def _simulate(self): """Advance the OU process. Returns: np.ndarray: Updated OU process state. """ x = self._state dx = self._theta * (self._mu - x) * self._dt + self._sigma * np.sqrt( self._dt) * np.random.normal(size=len(x)) self._state = x + dx return self._state
[docs] def reset(self, dones=None): """Reset the state of the exploration. Args: dones (List[bool] or numpy.ndarray or None): Which vectorization states to reset. """ self._state = self._x0 super().reset(dones)
[docs] def get_action(self, observation): """Return an action with noise. Args: observation (np.ndarray): Observation from the environment. Returns: np.ndarray: An action with noise. dict: Arbitrary policy state information (agent_info). """ action, agent_infos = self.policy.get_action(observation) ou_state = self._simulate() return np.clip(action + ou_state, self._action_space.low, self._action_space.high), agent_infos
[docs] def get_actions(self, observations): """Return actions with noise. Args: observations (np.ndarray): Observation from the environment. Returns: np.ndarray: Actions with noise. List[dict]: Arbitrary policy state information (agent_info). """ actions, agent_infos = self.policy.get_actions(observations) ou_state = self._simulate() return np.clip(actions + ou_state, self._action_space.low, self._action_space.high), agent_infos