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"""ϵ-greedy exploration strategy.

Random exploration according to the value of epsilon.
from dowel import tabular
import numpy as np

from import ExplorationPolicy

[docs]class EpsilonGreedyPolicy(ExplorationPolicy): """ϵ-greedy exploration strategy. Select action based on the value of ϵ. ϵ will decrease from max_epsilon to min_epsilon within decay_ratio * total_timesteps. At state s, with probability 1 − ϵ: select action = argmax Q(s, a) ϵ : select a random action from an uniform distribution. Args: env_spec (garage.envs.env_spec.EnvSpec): Environment specification. policy (garage.Policy): Policy to wrap. total_timesteps (int): Total steps in the training, equivalent to max_episode_length * n_epochs. max_epsilon (float): The maximum(starting) value of epsilon. min_epsilon (float): The minimum(terminal) value of epsilon. decay_ratio (float): Fraction of total steps for epsilon decay. """ def __init__(self, env_spec, policy, *, total_timesteps, max_epsilon=1.0, min_epsilon=0.02, decay_ratio=0.1): super().__init__(policy) self._env_spec = env_spec self._max_epsilon = max_epsilon self._min_epsilon = min_epsilon self._decay_period = int(total_timesteps * decay_ratio) self._action_space = env_spec.action_space self._decrement = (self._max_epsilon - self._min_epsilon) / self._decay_period self._total_env_steps = 0 self._last_total_env_steps = 0
[docs] def get_action(self, observation): """Get action from this policy for the input observation. Args: observation (numpy.ndarray): Observation from the environment. Returns: np.ndarray: An action with noise. dict: Arbitrary policy state information (agent_info). """ opt_action, _ = self.policy.get_action(observation) if np.random.random() < self._epsilon(): opt_action = self._action_space.sample() self._total_env_steps += 1 return opt_action, dict()
[docs] def get_actions(self, observations): """Get actions from this policy for the input observations. Args: observations (numpy.ndarray): Observation from the environment. Returns: np.ndarray: Actions with noise. List[dict]: Arbitrary policy state information (agent_info). """ opt_actions, _ = self.policy.get_actions(observations) for itr, _ in enumerate(opt_actions): if np.random.random() < self._epsilon(): opt_actions[itr] = self._action_space.sample() self._total_env_steps += 1 return opt_actions, dict()
def _epsilon(self): """Get the current epsilon. Returns: double: Epsilon. """ if self._total_env_steps >= self._decay_period: return self._min_epsilon return self._max_epsilon - self._decrement * self._total_env_steps
[docs] def update(self, episode_batch): """Update the exploration policy using a batch of trajectories. Args: episode_batch (EpisodeBatch): A batch of trajectories which were sampled with this policy active. """ self._total_env_steps = (self._last_total_env_steps + np.sum(episode_batch.lengths)) self._last_total_env_steps = self._total_env_steps tabular.record('EpsilonGreedyPolicy/Epsilon', self._epsilon())
[docs] def get_param_values(self): """Get parameter values. Returns: list or dict: Values of each parameter. """ return { 'total_env_steps': self._total_env_steps, 'inner_params': self.policy.get_param_values() }
[docs] def set_param_values(self, params): """Set param values. Args: params (np.ndarray): A numpy array of parameter values. """ self._total_env_steps = params['total_env_steps'] self.policy.set_param_values(params['inner_params']) self._last_total_env_steps = self._total_env_steps